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    Post Contract Climber Rigs Here

    Hard tonneau cover, full size cab for extra storage.
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    Post Contract Climber Rigs Here

    2018 GMC 1Ton Duramax
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    Asking $250.00 6 months old only worn about 5 times. Minimal wear, chainsaw protection is a little torn by right crotch as seen in picture. $340.00 brand new.
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    3120 Husky

    Interested as well. Is it sold?
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    grapple truck

    Did that come from Marshfield, WI?
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    Gonna give it a go

    The 'fid' I end up using the most is very thin, cheap wire that comes on a small spool from the hardware store and is attatched to an old retired aluminum ring. Other than that. Most splices only require good scissors, a small tape measure, sharpie, proper directions, prussic for milking the...
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    Thanks guys, theres some good tips here!
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    I currently run with a husky box and a couple medium size totes. Climbing gear stays warm and dry in the cab untill needed:) Also considering bedslide or similar...
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    Thanks for posting the link! Frozen drawers would not be fun. Im interested in buying this. @$1100.00 shipped, but it says 8.5" height inside drawer. I think my top handle saws will fit...and I could park a small mini skid up there @2000lbs. I could deal with an imperfect looking fit as some...
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    Has anyone here used the Decked truck bed storage system? Will saws fit in the drawers? Are there better/comparable options? Thanks!
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    How We're Killin It With Google

    Thanks for the tips!!
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    MS 261 muffler mod

    My modded saws drink a lil more go juice. I feel like im filling up more often, but thats just because more work is being accomplished more quickly:)
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    Forecasting projections.

    Good thread guys. I think this is the next 'big thing' that needs to happen in Arboriculture. Better business. Most all of us work our tails off, but it seems only the chosen few get paid what they feel they deserve. The majority just complain about low ballers and hacks and how hard everything...
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    Business move advise wanted.

    Best wishes evo. I am looking for some land for my family and business as well. These are exciting times! Keep us updated