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    This is the Akimbo

    Voyager will work just has a looser cover this does not feed that well.
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    This is the Akimbo

    You are going to have a bit of a tough go fitting it through there. It can be a real bear when the rope is that thick. Now where there is a will there is a way and it will fit with some coaxing. It will just drag horrid
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    Sena comm systems

    I will get a set to demo and they can become the floating tree buzz traveling set. I really don’t have enough words to tell you guys how much nicer they truly are.
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    Sena comm systems

    I told you sonnetics! I have a applied to be a dealer so may be able to help with better pricing soon.
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    Crane slings

    You could always put a shackle in the hook to spread out the angles as well. Crosby marks their shackles with the allowable angles on them with two raised marks. Remember the pin always goes in the hook.
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    Expo roll call. Who’s goin’ to Charlotte?

    It will be fun to catch up again Rob.
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    Lanyard: Snap or carabiner

    I love the petzel steel ox. Throws nice and super durable.
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    Expo roll call. Who’s goin’ to Charlotte?

    I will be there for sure, big dude I suppose this year I will oblige and where cowboy boots as I said that would be what I would wear last year.
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    Skills Arena at TCI EXPO in Charlotte, NC - Nov 8-10, 2018

    Count me in for sure. I am bringing my top ground man so we have a back up if needed.
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    Whats your comms unit of choice?

    I have purchased/used the sonnetics system and in wins in all accords. Super expensive but a state grant made it to where I was able to purchase it only paying 10% of the purchase price. They have superb connectivity and great noise reduction. Not to mention with the hub I purchased I can...
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    If you want to wander up to cheyenne I can help you.
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    zahn r300 reviews request!!

    I work for a company that has one and it is great. The lift capacity is not what many other many possess that comes with is own set of trade offs. Turf damage is next to none. Lift height is fair. Ground speed is amazing. Purchase price is good as well. The controls are very friendly and the...
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    Stihl 036

    The valves just leaves you with another chance of a leak! I am not saying they will leak just they leave the possibility for one!
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    Stihl 036

    Get rid of the decomp plug ASAP. Used to be able to buy a plug to completely eliminate it and leave yourself with a clean top.
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    Work pants for treework

    I have had the same discussion as far as talls go. What I have found if you contact the corporate side as in the part that deals with business you will find there is a little bit larger selection on that side of AW. Now arbortec was super upstanding and sent me a pair of pants to try just to...