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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    Re: Joey Cornell with NRAT/IRAT? lmao...yep thats it Mike....think i have a few of those pics myself
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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    Re: Joey Cornell with NRAT/IRAT? Hmmm.... what say say about JC as I called him. Most folks had a love hate relationship with him. No matter what kind of relationship with a type A guy like Joey, it's sad to hear when someone passes at such an early age. I spent almost two years working with...
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    Taking a fall

    There are some things that are for certain in tree work and some that (shall not) ever happen and that is fall out of a tree. It is for certain you'll cut yourself with a handsaw or even maybe a chainsaw, but if you fall out of a tree, it's usually because someone wasn't paying attention or not...
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    Throwline reel-chalk line

    Hey Tom, got a old scaling tap laying around ? retracts real well and holds quite a bit of line. Greg
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    Home made friction saver

    Hello Buzzers been a while since I've made my way back on the Buzz. Been reading the friction saver forum and found it interesting. You know i've been using 16 strand now for years and find it to be much easier to use than those ol stiff raw hide Bucks but each to thier own. I make them around...
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    intereseted in moving to the pa area .

    Heck Lurch gonna think about moving from one cold place to another ?
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    Climbing boots

    Yes I do most of the time ...Except when I know I'm going be prunning that day ...Although I use them for that as well. CAn foot lock in them , but it is more difficult untill you get used to the higher heel . Greg
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    Training a new climber

    Every climber will progress differently. If your in it to learn the trade you'll move more quickly. If it's just a paycheck and something extra curricular the process may be much slower and you may be seeking new employment. I have trained many climbers and seen many of them come and go and...
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    climbing on a spar

    A petzl Stop would be a better choice. It's much smoother in descent and wont jerk and kink your line like a Gri Gri will. You could also use a Petzl ID it has a smooth descent as well with more options than the Stop does. If you pull to hard it will stop if you let go it will stop. So there is...
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    Proper cut for section felling

    I bet he was stunned. Bet the groundies were stunned as well. Had a similar incident happen to a x co worker (Mr safety we called him)cause he was always preaching about safey. Drug his climbline right in the chipper and made it about twenty feet shorter .. same guy didnt pass the saftey part of...
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    Proper cut for section felling

    Rupe,I have warped sense of humor. I was just being a sarcastic SOB if you didnt figure that out all ready.I'm pretty sure MB knows what a climb line is strictly for. Greg
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    Proper cut for section felling

    YOUR CLIMBING LINE IS YOUR LIFELINE - IT SUPPORTS YOUR BODY WHICH SUPPORTS YOUR LIFE. Wow ! thats something new to me. I didnt know that. I use the tail end of my rope to lower all my wood . Saves on buying bull lines....
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    Ivy Tree

    Rob , why do you mess with those little trees . There hardly worth the time .... Spurrs can be more of a hindrence in some trees. Alot of times I wont put them on until I get to the main trunk wood.
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    Mandeville Louisiana

    Yes Terry, Mike was there.
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    Mandeville Louisiana

    Thanks Mark and Rob....and the same goes for both of you guys ......