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    Tom, Are you looking for "tree-nails"?
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    What do you guys think

    Guys, It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks to me like a SERIES of wound-wood walls... in other words a canker has formed in the wound. Those target cankers are like rust... they never sleep, and they never quit. Get the home-owner emotionally prepared to remove it. That's usually a...
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    Verticillium Wilt

    Treemann, We've used Fungisol, a Mauget product. If the tree shows less than 25%, and it has adequate water, etc., we can generally SUPPRESS the fungus long enough for the tree to wall off the fungus (the theory anyway). Used to only have high nitrogen fertilization and water to do the same...
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    Yellow Poplar w/ spots

    Okietreedude, Look in Johnson and Lyons book... they refer to the leaf spot as physiological. We get it when we have really hot, dry spells. Evidently the tuliptree makes dots instead of marginally scorching. Shouldn't be anything more than aesthetic, anyway.
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    Large Tree Spraying

    Sep, We use Beans, 35gpm, 3/4" hose, and can get over 100' (with large orifices... 18's or so). The money is in the tank and engine. You can take a pretty trashed out pump, and for less than $1000 make it like new. Being able to spray large trees separates you from the lawn guys who have a...
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    Aphids on ash trees.

    Brandon, Orthene will knock them down well as low cost... plus it's locally systemic (moves from one side of leaf to the other). Hope the customer realizes this won't "fix" the leaves...
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    Midwest TCC

    Oh, yeah... Yeah, David, it's Mark Young. I wasn't trying to be anonymous, just acrimonious! We don't have a problem with a women's competition, and (without trying to speak for the Board) I think we want one. In the future, I trust that we'll see one. The dilemma is, and will be, how to score...
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    Midwest TCC

    Rich h Very good point. You know, with the newer equipment and techniques, I really don't think brute strength is mandatory for our industry any longer. Good pruning is more art and science than brawn, and the only real physical limitation is the ability to ascend, and move around within the...
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    Midwest TCC

    Folks, I'm going to try to find out... but I doubt that there's good info... I do not believe that there is a SINGLE working climbing woman arborist in the MW Chapter area... all seven states... none I've heard of, anyway. Does the Int'l know how many of the "Tree Climber Specialists" are women...
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    Midwest TCC

    Rich h, The woman competitor notified the Chapter she would be competing, and asked, if she was the only woman, was it automatic she was going to the International... that was our first indication there might be issues. She was told what the board's decision had been when women last competed...
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    Midwest TCC

    Folks, I'm both on the board of the MW, and am a judge. The general feeling was that showing up and competing was not and is not sufficient to get a free ride to the Internationals. It's hardly fair to the twenty some-odd men competing. Our woman competitor was not very good. She wouldn't get...
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    Quercus rubra browning out

    SPIDER MITE - Oligonychus spp. - The dull green color to oak leaves may also be the result of spider mite feeding. They feed on the underside of the leaf and are not easily seen because of their small size. If you do not see the black specks and adult lacebugs, then the discoloration is probably...
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    From the pic, it appears the long spine is the Z. spinosa, and the smaller spined one Z. jujuba! Oddly (or maybe not), our jujuba has the two leaflets at the bud, per the pic, but the spinosa has three (unlike the pic). Thanks, Frank!
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    can someone ID this for me please

    Folks, From the second picture, you can see the leaves are opposite. All Carya's are alternate. Dunno what it is (yet), but it ISN'T a hickory, etal.
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    non-offensive joke

    Jesus decided to spell St. Pete at the pearly gates one day. He sees an old man hobbling toward him. When the old man gets close, Jesus asks him to sit down and tell his story. Old man says, "Well, I was a carpenter, and for many years I was alone, then I got this wonderful son. But I lost...