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    SO-CAL tree comp this October 2018

    Yes this yr we have our annual SO-CAL comp . UTCA United Tree Climbers Association , check us out for more info , we would love to see climbers from other states to come out to sunny SO-CAL and compete , We are in Face Book , Instagram or Google us , This yr we have Mr Taylor Hamel for our...
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    Palm pilot

    Hows that work ?
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    Mark Chisholm B-Day !

    Hope You have a great Happy B day ..
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    Shoe mod for ascender hook

    great idea , I have a buddy who is a cobbler , I'll give him a call .. thanks
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    New #SRT redirect system for tree climbing

    what would happened if a branch got hold of that small line and pulls that pin ? Looks like a accident waiting to happend, Unless I'm missing something .. Cheers ,,SO-CAL
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    Amazing places some Arborists work

    Thank you Mark for the great Seminar! I sat there watching and listening to you but what I really noticed was how captivated everyone was with all you were teaching and saying. Again, we would like for you to come back out and give a talk on safety in trees for our new group "UTCA", United...
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    Competition Climbing and Tree Work

    Well said amigo !! SO-CAL
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    SO CAL seminar

    Hey Mark it was great seeing you and Jared A at the Bishop rigging class , you guy's did a great job .. Later in SO-CAL
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    Gerasimek's Tree-mek

    That would make it so easy to remove all these crazy palm trees down in SO-CAL .. Great vid
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    Best rope for Zillion?

    I splice a 15 foot safari rope on mine and runs great , and looks sweet ,, SO-CAL
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    Johnny Pro

    Crazy Bro !!! But Sweet:rock:
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    Treemotion Suspender Idea

    You can also use suspenders from a construction belt found at home depot and that will hold your harness very well. Later in SO-CAL
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    Claw Game

    That is sweet!! I have many quarters !!!!
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    Climbing a gentle giant Ceiba tree

    Amazing trees , I was in the amazon last yr doing a project w/work between Peru and Colombia and got to climb some big ones and the view is something else . Great video.. Later in SO-CAL
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    When did you first hear?

    2005 from Tom D on the Buzz thanks Tom later in SO-CAL