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    Live Blog for the ITCC and conference

    Who is in masters?
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    My WOD

    Ya, that's the problem I have I'm beat after work, and it seems like I always have to many obligations, to have a serious work out schedule. Going to try a crossfit class in mourning before work and see how that works out.
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    Connecting climbing lines together for life support.

    For long repels, I use a trace figure 8, backed up with a fisherman a knot.
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    My WOD

    Hey Mark, when do you do your workouts? Morning or after work.
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    Rope Runner

    I wasn't sold at first, but after using it for a while now, I see no reason to ever go back to a hitch.
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    SRT or DRT what do you find easier?

    I SRT almost all climbs now, I find it more efficient, fast, and can get to more parts of the tree. This is after climbing DbRT for 18 years. I feel I'm faster and less tired after a climb now at 39 than at any other part of my climbing career.
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    Out of the bucket and into the tree

    I just wear my climbing harness, and keep my lanyard short. I'm climbing in and out of the bucket all the time.
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    Magnetron Carabiner

    I've been using one on my lanyard for five months now, and I love it.
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    New Urban Tree Care reality show on Nat Geo

    Don't know why they have to stage accidents.
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    can workers have lunchtime while driving in truck?

    I hate the mandatory lunch, used to be able to work straight though the day and get home early. We wouldn't do it everyday but if we were on a roll it just made since to keep working.
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    POSTPONED Asheville NC TCC-10/25-27/13

    Re: Asheville NC TCC-10/25-27/13 Anymore details? Location, registration, camping. I know it's still a couple months out but starting to make plans.
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    New Chipper

    Josh, we have been running a 1590 bandit for the last couple of years, and have been very impressed with it. The only issue with it has been the computer it's gone bad twice now.
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    Would this biner be legal in comps?

    Mark, can you explain how that pic could possible happen? I can see cross loading it with a sling or splice pulling against the gate, in doing so depressing the magnets, but as soon as the weight is removed the magnets would lock. How would you cross load a biner like your pick without it...
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    Would this biner be legal in comps?

    I see what your saying, and I can see why they might not allow it in comps, because they have to account for every possible scenario that it could possibly be used in. That being said I still think its a great biner for my lanyard set up, but if some one can show me a reason it's unsafe I would...