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    Diagnosis of maple tree

    If it helps, this tree is located in the southwest corner of Indiana.
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    Diagnosis of maple tree

    Targets include the house which the roof edge is just inline with the outermost part of the canopy, an outdoor fire pit that is set in place and tiled (maybe some of this could be heat damage, but the pit is smaller and shouldn't effect the entire canopy), and near an unground pool and privacy...
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    Diagnosis of maple tree

    I meant to post a pic of the base of the tree, there wasn't as much of a root flare as I'd like to see, but no obvious signs from above ground.
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    The Seesaw System

    It seems like every scenario so far, minus an electric motor has been a group effort to get the climber in the tree. If you have a group of guys you may be best off working together to hoist a counterweight to the tie in point with a rigging rope, preferably 20 or so pounds lighter than the...
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    Diagnosis of maple tree

    I know it's hard to do a diagnosis from pictures, and after taking them I realized they weren't the best. It's just cell phone pics as my phone was dying. The homeowners would like to keep this tree and just deadwood, I'd like to give them that vs a removal but there are so many cavities from...
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    Tell me something stupid you did!

    Not much of a story to go with this one except working in wet conditions on a slope. Edit: forgot to mention, this was when I went to pick up the first piece of wood that day. In order to complete the job and make best use of a rental that day, I continued to work in the mud going up and...
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    Arial friction brake trade for speedline

    Not a fan of the AFB? I seem to remember you recently getting that on here. Never used one myself but I'm curious about your thoughts on it, should I ever consider one in the future.
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    Mini Rig System

    That is just a cheap slip hook for a steel chain, maybe $4 at a hardware store. I believe that one is sized for 3/8" chain.
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    Mini Rig System

    Personally I think that would be a hassle setting up each time and he mentions that it doesn't always release. Below is a post of mine from another thread that has been working well for me. It's been my go-to termination for solo rigging for a while now.
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    Business is slow

    When first starting out I got probably 80% of my work from craigslist ads. Free marketing that reaches a lot of people. Craigslist is kind of dying off but is still seen by lots, maybe FB would be a better venue for advertising. I currently have a FB page ran by my wife who responds to...
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    Beeline 8MM core and sheath eye splice

    assuming your concern is the core being exposed and possibly damaged, have you looked into dipping the eyes? I forget the product used but I have seen that done to protect the core.
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    2012 brush bandit 1390 w/ 97 hp engine.

    I either grab the logs with the grapple out of the chips in the chip box, or I dump the load out and then pull the logs out of the chips. Usually if I'm pulling the logs out of the chip box some of the chips come out with them and make a mess. I usually just switch to the bucket to clean that...
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    Were the outrigger set hard, or barely touching when set up? Barely touching I could see the back side lifting off with the sway of the suspension. If set hard, you can lift a trucks suspension and you shouldn't see any movement.
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    2012 brush bandit 1390 w/ 97 hp engine.

    Not a bandit but I have a 12" with a 87 hp (I know it's in the 80s but could be off by a couple) Cummins diesel. Runs great and chews up anything I put in there, but I also try not to chip logs anymore. The mini can load them into the chip box faster than the chipper can chip.
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    Knuckle boom

    I am subbing soon to a tremek that is local for the first time, once the ground dries up enough. I can't wait for my vacation day :D Since finding this contact I've bid so many jobs where I have tried to justify him coming in instead of me rigging everything from the bucket or climbing...