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    Mat Racks

    Looks well made and easy to use. How much would you guess is the total weight of the rack and mats?
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    Biner gate opened during climb

    This type of carabiner likely has the most secure gate, it requires inserting a pin to get the gate to open. Ropes running across the gate should be a non issue.
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    Rope bridge recommendations

    I've lost faith in the petzl sewn eyes, I dont like the loose stitching that allows the eyes to move, so when I replaced the bridge on my sequoia I went with 16 strand. Two bridges, one Teufelberger hi-vee and the other Samson BRW.
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    Odd knots

    The daisy chain hitch (kind of well known) is a good replacement for a running bowline. It's easier for ground guys to untie.
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    Girdling "cables" and climbing safety

    Just curious on the thoughts of climbing above where this tree was cabled (chained) years ago. I have seen trees fail in the past when growing into the top rail of a chain link fence, would this lead growing into this log chain be an opportunity for failure? The tree is a Bradford pear and will...
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    chipper PTO leaking

    Not a problem. Did you get yours repaired?
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    Descending 3/8" kern SRT?

    I've got a rollgliss as well. I've used this above the rollgliss with moving rope system run through it. The rollgliss pushes the friction hitch up on a ascent, unclip from the ascender to descend on your climbing system
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    Revisiting Dead Ash...thoughts??

    That dead of a tree in a wooded area is a perfect time to set rigging ropes and break the tree out in pieces. Less damage to neighboring trees than the whole thing laying over. If you get to the point where you can't break anymore off, then it's either safe to climb or fell. A rope doubled...
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    New truck search

    If you want to only use a dumpster for your debris, get good at chainsaw chipping. You'll be surprised at how much you can fit into a dumpster. If you load the brush in the same size that you drag it out, you'll be surprised at how little will fit in there.
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    "One handing" a chainsaw??!!

    What I meant was the force of snapping the cut would break the limb further down. The tree is at the point where it can barely hold it's own weight. By holding the piece and cutting there's zero shock load to the tree A lot of people around here's idea of caring for their trees means...
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    "One handing" a chainsaw??!!

    I agree with you on most trees. I've had some where too much weight, the force of a snap cut, would break off 10-15' pieces well past where your prepared to take the piece. This leaves a lot of wood with the possibility to land on structures. Working near a privacy fence and power wires I...
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    Saddle recommendations

    No experience with these harnesses, but by all means spend some money for comfort regardless of how often you climb. A quality saddle will only last longer with infrequent use vs wearing out a lesser harness with the same use. Are there any suppliers nearby that you could try on different...
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    "One handing" a chainsaw??!!

    A few of you have mentioned that there's always another option besides one handing. How do you guys handle the extremely dead brittle trees that can't be rigged because there's no suitable anchor point and if you tried to rig the shaking of the tree would break out the top. Snap cuts and hand...
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    A Chunk of Metal With Some Holes

    Could you use a soft shackle or something similar to connect the bridge spool and your aluminum plate? The cordage would twist creating the swivel, although not unlimited revolutions like the swivel. The spool looks like its wood, if you wanted rated hardware you could use a bend right ring.
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    New truck search

    One more option that I use for hauling wood off, I usually chip up brush and would need to drive back for the bigger wood, is to hire a guy with a roll off dumpster service. For $100/load he drops off a 16 foot roll off dumpster, I load it with the mini and he comes back and hauls it off. It...