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    2 climbers and 1 tree (with a Cereal_Killer)

    Thanks for the video, very inspiring as allways! I find that seeing gear in action often makes me realize how much I actually need it, even if I found it to be completely unnescessary before. Keep up the good work!
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    Redirecting Rope to Limb Walk

    Ok, this physics problem about the load of the redirect wouldn't get out of my head and I thought about it again: I think the load on the redirect will be larger than that on the TIP at a rope angle smaller than 120° total. I came up with this formula to calculate the vector force on the...
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    Redirecting Rope to Limb Walk

    Yes, a strong TIP is the basis for easy climbing. The confidence you gain, with a strong TIP will make climbing a lot easier, faster and you will be able to 100% focus on your gear when you're not doubting your safety. A help to determine the required size if TIP: the limb you are tying to...
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    Redirecting Rope to Limb Walk

    There are a lot of methods to redirect your srt rope: - a simple sling with carabiner - SCAM removable redirect - redirect removable with the tail of the rope - Simply dropping through a crotch - and a lot more, just google "tree climbing redirect" All of them dont increase the load on your...
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    Tail tricks

    Very boring and simple: My Water bottle and other gear I might need but dont want to carry up get tied to my tail end. It also functions as a 2nd climbing rope when I dont have enough attachment points with my lanyard.
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    Dog in a tree rescue

    Oh wow, thats a new one for me... That must be a pretty horrifying death, imagine climbing up a rotten tree and getting stuck :oops:
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    Just finished a climbing course over the weekend

    First of: nice to see yo actually go through with this! Yeah, the trust in your gear will hold you back the most. If you suddenly get the idea your TIP might break climbing becomes impossible. It still take me some time before I get comfortable in a tree, and limbwalking far out is...
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    Im new to the business, but never climbed before. Any advice?

    Ok, so what about you (@Jorgon1022 ) try to use the actually helpful advice you were given here, and update us in a few months. Maybe you are actually good at doing this, and you just have that bit of something that others before you didn't and that makes you a great bussines owner. We'll see in...
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    Im new to the business, but never climbed before. Any advice?

    I am a purely rec climber, but I started that without any training and slowly progressed over a year to a point where I feel just about comfortable getting around a tree, but I would never think about using anything bigger and more dangerous than a handsaw at this point. You can learn the...
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    Knots for joining two ropes for life support

    This is a pic of how I have done it once, a figure eight retraced with the other rope and stopper knots on the ends
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    Knots for joining two ropes for life support

    I have only had to do this once, I did it with 1 single retraced figure 8 with stopper knots on the loose ends. Worked fine.
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    SRT devices

    Petzl GriGri for a cheap and easy, but very inefficient rec climbing system.
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    Tell me something stupid you did!

    Was helping my dad cutting and moving firewood today, stabbed my foot with a sappie. A hole in my non-steel toe boot (was only moving wood after all) and toe is the result....
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    Technology in the tree

    Would be interesting to know if one of these could withstand a 50" drop onto grass/dirt...
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    Lanyard adjuster

    I think Brocky invented it, he called it the sticht hitch. edit: Brocky was faster...