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    Branching out

    Cool to see this, I think schools teach way too little practical things. Most thing I get taught might help me at some point in my life, but I will probably forget most of them. The practical things you teach will probably be remembered forever by all of them. We need more people like you.
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    Rate the legitimacy of this site

    They list the original price of a rescue 8 at over 130$... This site is not legit in the slightest, and probably not even run by a person familiar with the english language.
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    DYI throw rope auto rewind

    Good idea, I might try it myself if I cant get a chalkline reel to work well.
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    Climbstuff Calls it Quits

    Yeah, all sold out. In what relations to Treestuff do they stand btw?
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    American Chestnut and the Chestnut Blight

    Good to hear that these trees still exist and that there are efforts being made to bring them back to their former glory. I hear these are awesome trees if fully grown, maybe people will get to climb them again at some point in the future.
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    American Chestnut and the Chestnut Blight

    So I recently learned about the Chestnut Blight that caused all grown Chestnuts to die. I heard that they tend to grow back from their stumps though, and that they then only get infected a couple of years into their lifespan. Now I wonder if the Blight still exists, and if the American Chestnuts...
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    Rec climbing thowbag launcher

    I remember seeing a mythbusters episode on vacuum cannons a while back. They further increased the cannons power by adding a pressurized chamber behind the vaccum seal.
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    Best Gloves for Climbing?

    @climbstihl gave me these, he gets them for free at his work in a climbing adventure park. They are nice and light, I never get sweaty hands wearing them and they help to protect your hands from rope burn.
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    Rec climbing thowbag launcher

    Just a vacuum, the thing that makes these cannons so powerful is how quickly air can be let into the tube.
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    Rec climbing thowbag launcher

    I built myself a pvc air cannon that fires tennis balls. Works pretty well, hits up to 90ft or so depending of the weight of the tennis balls (and those of the user at higher pressure, lol). I built it way larger than it had to be so I get away with under 60psi, the thing should be capable of...
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    Two seperate lanyards

    Thanks for all you input, I think I am now just going to buy myself a 30ft long piece of rope and then I'll see how much use I get out of it, in both a double adjuster configuration and combined with my other lanyard. My main rope is currently only 100ft which makes using the tail impractical...
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    Piped bringeruppers

    What about some 1/4" metal pipe with rounded off ends?
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    Two seperate lanyards

    I currently have a 15ft lanyard which I often find to short because I have to use it in a SRS configuration if I want to ascend any helpful distance on it. It works in most cases, but If I have my main TIP on a low limb I usually try to ascend past that limb with my lanyard so I have something...
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    Two seperate lanyards

    Do you guys ever use 2 seperate lanyards instead of one single or double lanyard? I'm currently thinking about whether I should get a long 30-50" lanyard or a second 20-30" one. I think two seperate lanyards could be less cluttered and easier to use, but I'd like to hear some opinions from you guys.
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    Redirecting Rope to Limb Walk

    Anything that locks is fine. I prefer triple locking carabiners though, they are the safest option.