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    Our Product Lines are Growing, and so is Our Team

    Position Title: Arborist Industry Market Manager Department: Sales Reports to: Sales Management Locations: Maine Email Resumes and cover letter to: From our current headquarters in Saco, ME and Salisbury, NC, Yale employees unite around a common passion for solving problems...
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    Thank You Jamie Goddard and Yale!

    Jeff - I can be here as early as 7am - tour would take just under 2 hours - probably less but I dont want to rush a good thing..... We are just under an hour drive to Bowdoin College in Brunswick.
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    Thank You Jamie Goddard and Yale!

    Mark / Jeff - If you guys would like to put something together, I can arrange a walk through tour on Friday May 7th on your way up to Bowdoin for the TCC. If you want to start orginizing, I can handle a group of 7-10 people. Depending on the turn out, we can also do a break test on our machine...
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    Thank You Jamie Goddard and Yale!

    Chris and Norm, thanks very much for your kind words. You ALL should know you are more than welcome to visit as long as there is advance notice. It gives me great satisfaction to show someone through our factory as we did Chris on Friday. A real eye opener for sure. ALL BUZZERS ARE WELCOME !
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    becoming a certified splicer

    Guys, Yale Cordage still offers its S.P.L.I.C.E.R Certification for both songle braids and double braids. We do not "certify" 16 strand climbing lines. Its all about liability there. Heres how it works: we lot certify every batch of rope. we test it. it stays on record. When you call...
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    question about shock loading a rope and blocking

    Hi GUys, in reference to the original poster of this thread, and Tom D's input as with many others, please be careful, there are too many variables there to answer that question easilly. Also, as much as you want to have a strong should be careful that you dont end up making the tree...
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    Yale Cordage Launch New Climbing Rope

    Thanks for all the many wonderful name suggestions for the new rope. We literally had hundreds of suggestions from ALL OVER THE WORLD. So, Without further ado..... Yale Cordage is proud to announce the arrival of IMORI - pronounced as EEE-MOR-LEE which is Japanese for Newt but also means...
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    like this one.....
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    scott, who should I send the pictures and video to? Thanks, I had a great time !!! Jamie Goddard - Sherrill Tree
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    Change of the guards at Yale

    I would just like to extend a quick thank you for everyones support through this transition. It is that support and the people in the industry that helped me chose my new path. TreeBuzz helped too !!! So, yes, I will being seeing you all soon. In the meantime, I can be reached at...
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    just friggin cold !!!!
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    Bashlin Saddles

    it shows up pink but is actually very bright orange. I like it, i dont climb near as much as any of you, but when i do, I like it. The floating D ring is quite nice. It gives you good agility in the tree.
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    Effect gas has on ropes?

    be careful !
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    faces in trees

    Its kinda cool actually. It stares right into my room however....the faces changes with the weather ....we may just keep it until he goes away or snaps off...we've thought about making some sort of totem pole with it but I dont think it will look the samefrom eye level as it does from the...
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    Thermashield prusik cord

    Its actually Bee-line..... Thanks