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    women with no competition

    Hey Tom, no disrespect to you (you know I love you!). It is a touchy subject when it comes to setting minimum standards that dictate who is good enough to progress to the ITCC. On the one hand, the skill level of the women competing at the ITCC has excelled at a fantastic rate, while on the...
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    women with no competition

    Wow this has been a fascinating thread. We must not forget that women have only been allowed to compete at the ITCC since 2001. That was on the 25th anniversary of the ITCC. Our history (herstory) with the ITCC is still evolving and is obviously still experiencing growing pains. Our experience...
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    New England TCC

    Awesome job Marcy !! Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!
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    Accident avoided

    [ QUOTE ] I've seen those asians do some scarey treework. [/ QUOTE ] Are there that many Asians in Louisana who do tree work? Because I've been in the industry for more than 15 years and live in fairly multicultural cosmopolitan city and I have come across only one other Asian tree worker...
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    lurking women, care to introduce yourselves?

    Hey everyone! First off, I want to thank jerseygirl for having the courage to post the undergarment thread which basically set the course to have this WoTT forum on TB. Next, kudos to Kathy and Kiah for being moderators on TB and WoTT. I luv ya both. I'm embarassed to say that this is my...