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    Are cemetery trees safe?

    Back in the 1800's, combining Cemeteries and Arboretums was very common. I have been to Tree Climbing Competitions in NH & OH with this type of venue. We did pay special attention to protect headstones & monuments.
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    Goodbye and Thank You, Buzzers!

    19 Master Catalogs ! ! ! Like many folks, I save them ! ! ! All the best, Ciao for Now !
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    Shotline Winder Throwline?

    Could be "Fling-It", or "Zing-It", or others ................ ???
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    work clothes

    I was at The Charlotte, NC TCC this year. I was astounded by the huge number of climbers wearing this brand !
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    Throw line trick

    Very clever !
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    Omni Block Failure

    Link did not work for me.
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    Improved Throwline Cannons (Better than APTA)

    I'm definitely interested ! ! ! I stated that I liked the original post. I just wanted to know more about it ! If you don't care that a diaphragm valve is NOT inherently faster, as the post stated, that's fine. It is in fact slower than the other two. It is dependent on the actuator. (hand...
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    Improved Throwline Cannons (Better than APTA)

    All you want is a button ? ? ? In the last couple years (OH TCC & Jambo), Jacob Sauer (Ohio) has shown up at TCC's w/ a throwball launcher w/ a trigger. It has a large 12V battery, air compressor, air accumulator tank, a hand truck cart to move it, etc. It works very well ! It has a trigger...
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    Improved Throwline Cannons (Better than APTA)

    A diaphragm valve doesn't react just because you push a button. There is some kind of mechanical actuator. That might be a hand wheel, a spring (which would need to be reset), air pressure (pneumatic actuator), etc Diaphragm valves are not "inherently" faster; in general, they would be...
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    Improved Throwline Cannons (Better than APTA)

    A diaphragm valve is faster than a butterfly ???? Normally, a diaphragm valve is used for "fine control" not speed. Is there a mechanical operator on it ?
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    lurking women, care to introduce yourselves?

    Welcome Chris, and Good Luck on cert test. Based on your history, I don't think you'll have any problem !
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    I screwed up and my Husqvarna 560 is now dead

    Good one ! I never loan out my chainsaws ( Instead, I volunteer that I will come and cut up whatever they need); but ................ If I loan out other 2 cycle gear (leaf blowers, weed wacker, etc) I give them my gas to use !
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    First time ordering bare root trees online

    In 2015 I paid $96 for the Dawn Redwood, w/ a 17" OD ball, 8" 3" tall. Well worth the cost. Beautiful tree ! ! !
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    First time ordering bare root trees online

    There are lots of answers to sources for seedlings. In 1999, I ordered from Carina Nurseries; Box 538; Indiana, PA 15701 Hemlock: ~ $50/100 2-3 yr seedlings W Pine: ~ $50/ 100 3-4 yr seedlings I ordered in April. Many suppliers were already sold out. The Ohio Dept of Nat...
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    First time ordering bare root trees online

    Typo ................. I should have said: Mine all took many years to Acclimate. (i.e. did not grow significantly taller) It seems to me that you got overcharged for the quality.