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    Chainsaw Vibration and Hand/Arm Health

    Might want to try contacting: This is Ed Carpenter & his pHD sister. I've never used them; but Ed is a world class climber & instructor.
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    Brisket Hash w/ Poached Eggs Rev: 190120 1130 Hash - sautéed Brisket - cooked, diced Red Onion - diced Yukon - diced Macadamia nut oil Eggs - steam poached 2 min. Beef Gravy - homemade Brisket Au jus w/ Wondra flour
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    Beef Brisket - 145°F for 72 hrs 1.5 lb Beef Brisket Flat - (fattier, thick end called the nose) Salt Pepper Smoked paprika Olive oil Butter Very small dash of Smoke seasoning (Wright's - real hickory smoke collected in water) Egg noodles - w/ Au Jus
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    2019 TCC Chron List / Dates

    just kidding.
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    2019 TCC Chron List / Dates

    2019 TCC Chron List / Dates Rev: 190116 1310 Send a post. I will try to keep the list chronology updated periodically. Keep 'em coming ! UpDates: 4/5-7/19 - Asia Pacific TCC- Christchurch, New Zealand 4/6-7/19 - MAC-ISA TCC - Leesburg, VA 4/12-13/19 - Ohio TCC - AULT PARK GREAT LAWN -...
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    2019 TCC Chron List / Dates

    Are you testing my high school education ? "Natural State" ? I'm guessing Arkansas ?
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    Norm Hall - TCIA Rigging Article

    FYI Norm & Scott Prophett invented the Port-A-Wrap, etc, etc.
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    Beech Tree leaves dying

    The following is added from Tom Dunlap's post on 1/12/19:
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    Sherrill Tree is Sold to Investment Co.

    I like the 2 ¢
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    Anything new? Beeches dieing In Ohio region?

    I first posted in June 2016.
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    Leftovers - (Soup & Sandwich) Rev: 190111 1520 Lamb, cheddar, zesty pickle chips ( Vlasik) - Grilled Panini - very good ! Shitake & potato soup
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    Sherrill Tree is Sold to Investment Co.

    That statement is way too cryptic for me to understand.
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    Sherrill Tree is Sold to Investment Co.

    Link: Platte River Equity Acquires Sherrill Inc.
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    Matt Cornell Rope Saddle

    Link ?
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    Retraced figure 8 in base anchor.

    I've seen Jason Diehl use a retraced F-8, without a back up, for a base anchor in many TCC's. If it's good enough for Jason, it would be good enough for me !