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    Crap it finally happened. Wrong tree removed.

    We were working on a row of crappy firs. 30” 70ft tall. The owner wanted to keep three and we were to take the one in the middle. I completely botched it, told the climber to take the wrong tree. Owner came out crying just before the top came down.... I was flabbergasted, I screwed up...
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    Chipper thoughts

    Be flexible. Depreciation is literally a number to help you on your taxes. Don’t set up a schedule, use what is needed to limit your tax liability. If you are looking to set up a replacement schedule, that’s different. Where you can really take advantage of the tax law is when you depreciate...
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    Girdling roots is it worth it for this tree?

    Looking at the pictures there are several problems with the root system here. It looks to be mostly a depth issue (planted too deep). Most of the time girdling roots on maples are able to be seen without any digging. That being said, being deep may have put this area well below the soil line...
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    Longwood Gardens - Arborist/Climber Wanted!

    A good mix of hardwoods and soft woods. Not the pine or fir forests of the north for sure.
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    Good groundman in philly suburbs

    Daniel thanks for the email. We relieved 4 applicants from our efforts. One from CT (looking to relocate), one from NJ (his mom sent in his app), one from Newark and a local guy. If you were interested I could locat the CT guys info and you need to call me or catch breakfast sometime to discuss...
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    Shade tree recommendation

    We should clarify the space first. How big is the rooting area? Is there space for a large crown (ie powerlines, structures etc...)? What’s the soil like? What’s the drainage like? How much sun? What is currently there? What goals are you trying to meet? Plus many other questions that...
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    Road trip from Philly to New England

    What part of September? Little early for leaf color. We will be headed to Maine in late September. How far north do you wanna go? How remote to you wanna go?
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    Whats your comms unit of choice?

    Zero problems that you mentioned! No clue what in the world you are talking about. I don’t have or have ever seen duck tape or glue mounting. Ours clamp right onto the helmet with 2 Allen screws. Kinda like it was designed to do on a motorcycle helmet. My batteries can’t fall out, and the 1...
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    Whats your comms unit of choice?

    Jimmy sounds like you have either and employer problem (buying crappy helmets), a you problem (talking about fragile helmets must mean you break them often) or a supplier problem (poor mounting practices). You seem to complain about everything except the functionality of the Sena unit! If you...
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    Whats your comms unit of choice?

    Let’s remember the Sena is our adaptation of another industries technology. And they meet the needs of that recreational activity. The peltor was designed for our type of use. Noisy, dusty, multiple comms the list goes on. That’s why they are so damn expensive. I have used both and my peltors...
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    Unhealthy Young birch

    Could possibly cut more/larger roots from the side of the ball feeding the sad side when transplanting. What time of year was the tree planted? How long was it above ground before planting (roots could have dried out on that side). Only reason I’m going down that road is there has been no...
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    What is it worth?

    I’m sorry but this is way off base. Brainwashing, propaganda, glamorizing.... come to the owner level, and find any kind of good help! The ISA and TCIA to a phenomenal job shedding light on our industry for young people and all others. Yes it’s to entice them to join our wonderful profession...
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    Longwood Gardens - Arborist/Climber Wanted!

    They do offer the apprentice position to the right candidates. Tyler began that way and I believe they may even have hired their intern on in this manner (not positive). The also offer a very robust intern program if one were looking to fulfill college credit. The big issue is many internships...
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    Husqvarna T536Li w/ battery and charger

    Dang man looks like you are cleaning house! John keeps saying I need to todo the same... but I can’t bring myself to let it go!
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    What is it worth?

    I would contest that the increased death and injury is really not an increase but a result of the Information Age. It’s easier to get the information about these deaths and injuries than it’s ever been before.