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    I am asking for help as this appears to be my last choice.

    If you have the above mentioned patent, I'd think really hard about having an attorney draft a letter to weaver. I've bought well over $1k worth of weaver stuff myself. I won't be buying anymore.
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    Looking for Chip truck

    We have a local tree guy that has 2005 or 2006 f750 with a c7 6 speed 25,900 gcwr chip truck with a big bed one it. I think its an 18 ft bed. Removable top and under 100k mi. I think he was asking $35k. He's getting out of the business and into other things. He's located just outsiders of...
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    Hydration Paks

    I use a plain 2 liter one. It's really nice to have in the hot summer. I have a 3 liter one with a bunch of storage that I climbed with once. That's when I bought the slim one.
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    Need some advice on a trolley system

    Cool that it worked out so well. Do you only have the gehl? No mini? Reason I ask is out sk650 will go on slopes to the point of me not being comfortable to walk on them. It has a low cg. I've done similar stuff that one wouldn't think it would be able to do. No way I would take my tractor on...
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    What do you do when you show up to an agreed upon job and it's already done?

    You guys are looking at this tenant thing the wrong way. When dealing with tenants, I have it written in the contract that any cars left in the way will be towed at the landlords expense. Any delays caused by tenants will be billed to landlord at $75 per 15 minute interval. That usually takes...
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    Concrete driveway waiver

    That's not necessarily realistic. We have a lot of wooded or semi wooded areas here. Your not going to drive through the yard with a crane in a lot of cases due to rocks and trees. There's lots of houses on 5 acre lots. Most of the powerlines are above ground so sometimes those are in the way...
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    Chip Stove for floor heat systems

    Thanks. I had looked at doing this at one point as I have my house plus 5500 sq ft of shop space with a plan to ad at least another 1500 sq feet eventually. Being that I have a basically unlimited supply of wood chips it seems like the way to go. I can always continue to sell the firewood.
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    What do you do when you show up to an agreed upon job and it's already done?

    Another nice thing I've found about emailing estimates is you can find them 6 months later in a matter of minutes instead of spending time digging through piles of paper.
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    Chip Stove for floor heat systems

    What brand and model stove is that?
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    What do you do when you show up to an agreed upon job and it's already done?

    I'd still send her a well written bill detailing the costs you have incured. What's it going to hurt? It will take less time than posting here. She may have a lightbulb moment but probably not. I may have missed it but did you get a signed estimate approving the work from her?
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    Mini quick connect stuck

    Make sure not to leave it all the way open or closed and this problem goes away.
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    What do you do when you show up to an agreed upon job and it's already done?

    Yes we have signed contracts 95% of the time to approve work. Sometimes we can't get our schedules to match up with a customers. We will still have them sign our contract before work is performed. Unfortunately sometimes this is done the morning of the job. They are always emailed the exact...
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    What do you do when you show up to an agreed upon job and it's already done?

    I would and have billed people in the past that have done this kinda bs. Sometimes you get paid sometimes you don't. I think most people don't think about the time spent not on their site towards the job. I've been paid more than not in this situation. I try to basically charge at cost, not rip...
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    Fly by night tree services

    We do cut and drops and full cleanups. If someone opts for cut and drop then later wants it cleaned up, the price will be more than the original full cleanup. For starters I'm having to make a return trip. Doing the cleanup while taking the tree down is much easier than trying to get that...
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    Bandit 15XP price?

    56k for a 15xp with 120hp cat engine. No winch.