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    Best aftermarket LMI Or Load cell

    I'm interested in this as well. Steve, Are you using the style that replaces a pin or the style that is a link? I'm thinking I'd like the pin style better as it wouldn't take anything away from our height. We frequently take down trees slightly taller than our tip height (104') so every bit...
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    This Just In . . . .

    How about if you have special dietary needs, you bring food with you to take care of those needs?
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    Just finished a climbing course over the weekend

    Glad you followed through with the climbing course. I could tell from the previous post that you really didn't get it. Glad to see that now you do. It's completely different to do it yourself versus watching someone else do it especially if its on YouTube. Last week I got our new guy climbing...
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    Roll off truck?

    Yeah I was looking for a tandem axle truck that would be able to haul at least 20 ft bins. Our grapple truck has a 20 ft bed on it so I know how much volume it can hold. It's got 6 ft tall sides at the back and tapers to 4 ft up front. The problem with it is the weight of logs can get it...
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    Roll off truck?

    How do you restack the bins after you have dumped them with a roll off or hooklift? I could do it with our crane but I don't want to have to set it up every time.
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    Roll off truck?

    Anybody using roll off truck for their tree service? I'm thinking about adding one to our fleet. We have a single axle grapple truck we use to haul wood. The problem I have is not having enough cdl drivers to get it to the job. I've tried to find more employee's that have or will get a cdl for...
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    Is there any money in stump grinding??....

    I think he was talking about from a customer's prospective. Every customer knows when someone doesn't do a good job cleaning up.
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    Ghetto landing gear

    You could use side crank jack. The one in the link is the style I'm referring to.
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    Professional liability insurance

    $0 with our gl. They included it just for me asking about it.
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    Professional liability insurance

    We have it as well. Its included as part of our gl policy. Scottsdale is the underwriter. Surprisingly they didn't charge any more on our gl to include it. I figure it doesn't hurt to have it.
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    Favorite gear/equipment you bought?

    Definitely my sk650 with bmg. Its been a maintenance headache at times but I wouldn't want to do Tree work without it. My crane would be a close second. Its so nice to be able to make the material go up instead of down.
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    Anyone Selling a FUSO 4x4 Chip Truck?

    I guess you could see the edge of the switchbacks really well though. Just don't miss the brake pedal. We went down it from the top in 2017. It's something I will remember for the rest of my life.
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    Anyone Selling a FUSO 4x4 Chip Truck?

    The important question is how does it do going down black bear pass? All kidding aside, 200K on a fuso if it's been maintained is not a problem at all. These trucks regularly go around 400K or more before needing an engine or transmission if they are manual. They are designed for a long life...
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    badass cab-over mini transport build.

    I have an sk650 as well. I looked at making the plate hinge but its not going to be really simple. For the most part it really didn't matter to me as I normally put it on my 16 ft trailer long ways. I have been thinking about how I could put sideways in the very front of my 20 ft bed on my...