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    Working in Canada

    Hi Jack, Where west is the question, I am in Manitoba and stuff slows,down here for most of the company’s like Reliable says, except for the guys with municipal work. One route to go to get a visa would be the temporary foreign worker program however you would have to line up an employer to...
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    What sized chipper would you go with?

    I blew the clutch out on my 90 twice while I owned it, it blew again while the dealer had it on his lot as a trade in. I haven’t had that issue with the 990. I don’t pay to dump either so the extra chips aren’t an issue. I put a free mulch ad on my website and that has been helpful as well. I...
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    What sized chipper would you go with?

    I started with a Bandit 90, traded it after 2 years for a 990. The difference was amazing. I would not go smaller than 12 inches, you may not need it off the hop but you will never regret having more capacity to than you need but it’s no fun the other way around.
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    Bigger is better? Forestry trucks

    Probably looking for a new to me forestry bucket in the near future. I have my heart set on a 65 footer but I am not sure if it’s worth the CDL/air brake hassle that entails. My current truck is a baby 42 footer so maybe some of you out there with more experience in a 60 ft vs 65 ft unit can...
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    Dump trailer with platform for a mini....?

    Here’s some pictures of mine. Got it made locally. 16000 CAD, 5 ft platform, 10 foot dump, 15000 lbs GVW. I love it. Would probably add another foot to the platform if I did it over but I was trying to keep the length down.
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    Reputable used truck dealers?

    Words of wisdom @RIVIEZZO TREE EXPERTS
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    Reputable used truck dealers?

    Unfortunately the I-80 site is down at the moment.
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    Reputable used truck dealers?

    Thanks guys, any one deal with Joes auto in Florida?
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    Reputable used truck dealers?

    Any suggestions for reputable dealers of used tree trucks? Some of these guys must be better than others although if Tri-state can stay in business maybe not. Most likely looking for a forestry unit for the coming season. Currently looking into new units but I think that might be out of my...
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    Tri-State Forestry Equipment

    Everytime I see something that looks tempting in the treetrader I come back here to remind myself what the real deal is. Thanks everyone.
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    I started out with a trailer for years, once I purchased a chipper I realized that I should have done that right off the hop. No mattter how you load your trailer a chipper will make it smaller, I second the dump insert/small chipper set up. I occasionally chip for one man outfits now that my...
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    new to treating EAB

    For sure @JD3000, I'll poke around a bit more, Thanks for your insight!
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    new to treating EAB

    Thanks for the replies guys, we aren't allowed to use Emectin Benzonate up here in Canada so it's a choice between Azadirachtin or Imidacloprid. I was also told the opposite @JD3000, Imajet annually and Treeazin every 2 years. Maybe the Arborjet people will take the steps to register TREE-age...
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    new to treating EAB

    What led you guys to pick the Arborjet vs Treeazin?, EAB was just found here as well so I am trying to make up my mind which product/ system to go with. @deevo
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    "You want me to wait how long?!?"

    I agree with evo, I find the people in a rush tend to also want the cheapest price, the fact that you are in demand should be a sign for people that you are reputable and do good work, I am also about a month out at the moment and I tell people that when I am giving my estimates, hasn't really...