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    Not Much Life left

    [ QUOTE ] That's a shame, why would you work for someone who doesn't have insurance? Please keep us posted on her condition. Thanks Demo. [/ QUOTE ] People are just trying to feed there families.
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    Not Much Life left

    I put off On Posting this for respect of the victim. I know her personally. I have heard stories of this one tree company in the area being dangerous, not paying its employees, leaveing giant brush piles, and stealing wood. A woman was struck while this man was dropping a White ash butt, she...
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    Bear vs. underground electric line

    Could be anything small burowing animal under the box and the bear trying to dig at it. Good looking creature. I hope they at least do something with the pelt, And not let it go to waste. In my mind at least that was taken by man maybe indirectly hopefully they find a good use for it. Its a...
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    New method, not recomended

    Looks Like a fall restraint harness 5 point I used them for fall protection when I was roofing, the ring in the back is fairly common on them and instructions say thats you TIP. But to hang from one FOr an extended period of time seems really
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    Oops I missed that

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    knotless rigging

    Beaner and an endless loops work great on our white pines can lower about 20 limbs at ounce Ticks the ground men off though.
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    Here's an interesting one to bid

    Re: Here\'s an interesting one to bid I think the crane would demolish the courtyard SO I wouldn't even try that. I tiled concrete I have snapped them with a 50t crane. Looks like the boards can be lifted around the Trunk so that doesnt seem a problem, But the small lift space, gonna tag lines...
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    Are you an Industrial Athlete?

    Well I was at my wifes Christmas party last year, She works as a receptionist at a very well known chain of car dealerships. As I was sitting in my Very uncomfortable dress shirt and tie(what I call formal wear), enjoying a free drink from one of the mechanics a very fat man sat down next to...
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    Chevy commercial filming

    He did seem uncomfortably close, I sit back allot further and can get 3 to 4 steps be fore I have to flip. But When I was new at gaffs I did the same thing hugged the tree and took small steps.
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    Hanging from the Ball/Legstrap saddle

    I heard something simular but It was basically, Keep them in there saddle slowly lowering them to there feet and holding them up then again slowly let them get in to the lying position and then remove the harness. I think all of these sugeestions above have the same thing in common what ever...
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    Protocols for wearing spikes

    I never had A huge gaffing accident when I was first learning I gaffed out and the spike slide down my shine. That was about it. I do the twinkle toes when I go from the truck to the tree at first but If I have been on them all day I start doing the john Wayne impression. Most of my climbs are...
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    Chainsaw hook

    Umm does anybody use the snaps on the saddle with the ring on the lanyard? isnt that what its for.
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    Guys, what do you think of this?

    I guess it depends on the area and the tree. Here in New england we can prune I pine tree almost to the top and it will survive(I dont), But our white birchs dont like to be touched in any condition. I could see where some trees Could get even more stressed due to the wounds. I really dont...
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    Red Oak

    I got a story for the stretching, I wasn't working with my normal crane company, we had to sub him for another. Well we were working pretty well toghether But I did notice he was putting allot of pressure on the wood peices when I made my cut they would almost get air off the hook. So we did...
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    Close tolerance removal

    Nice job To tell you the truth I would have put a crane on it. But you seemed to do alright without one. Now come to mention it could you even get one close enough to use it?