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    New climber questions

    I'm using Poison Ivy for my climbing line right now and love it. Works well with the hitch climber pulley.
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    Work Photos

    Nice photos guys. That's on my list at some point Rico is to get a dump trailer. Cheaper than a chipper but if you cut stuff up right you can fit a whole tree in there. I've done it before lol.
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    Getting comfortable in bigger trees?

    I agree the few times I went up in a lift / bucket felt awkward. The damn thing shaking with every move you make. I rather be tied into the tree! Popping a top on a 180 ft spar sounds impressive.
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    Getting comfortable in bigger trees?

    Funny you say that because for me the part that was most nerving doing crane work was riding the ball and not being surrounded by branches, etc. Just hanging there by the crane cable 70-80 ft in the air, but once I got within reaching distance of the tree my nerves calmed down. Similar with a...
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    Do you use a chainsaw breakaway lanyard?

    Do you guys use a breakaway lanyard for your saw? I never have but have thought about it. Seems like a good safety protocol. I do a lot of crane work and the inevitable is sometimes the saw gets pinched when taking a pick. I haven't given it much thought until Soundtree pointed it out in a...
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    Who has experience as a 'Lead Climber'?

    Only way to do it, lol.
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    Work Photos

    I've seen a tree guy on YouTube give his saws the same paint job. What paint do you use?
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    Licensing would be an issue would it not? I heard of people getting arrested down South for not being licensed to do tree work in that state. Varies from state to state I suppose. Unless of course they are looking for out of state contractors due to the amount of damage and not enough in state...
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    Work Photos

    Damn that's pretty bad. What Stihl are you using in that pic?
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    Tree Climbers Be Like...

    They see me swinging, they hatin...patrolling these red oaks to catch them riding dirty...
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    Who has experience as a 'Lead Climber'?

    I get what you're saying. Maybe I worded it wrong. I was more so saying don't be that guy that just says you don't want to do it so someone else will. I mean there's a difference between saying this is out of my capabilities and then just ordering someone to do it when really you aren't...
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    Work Photos

    Just some crane work and cool shot my boss and I took of a squirrel on a big birch we had to drop.
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    anyone try to climb with any of these gloves?

    I hardly ever climb with gloves. One in a while I will wear them maybe because the tree is sappy or something else but they always end up coming off. Too hard trying to advance my climbing rope with gloves on, they slip on the rope. Or do stuff with my hands, etc. I guess if you find the right...
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    Who has experience as a 'Lead Climber'?

    That's a good one. Kind of like, if you don't feel comfortable doing something don't put someone else at risk by asking them to do it for you instead.
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    Nast Nasty Tree

    Damn dude, props to you. Not everyone would've climbed it.