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    Any Boston arbs want to hang out?

    I'm not in Boston but I am in MA. Always down to hang out with a fellow tree monkey and maybe go for a rec climb.
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    Storing webbing slings / loop runners

    I see a lot of climber's storing their webbing slings right on their saddle with what looks like a daisy chain? Is that the correct terminology for it? I've been storing them in a small rope bag that I can carry with me right on my saddle, nothing too big that it gets in my way but I'm...
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    where is it legal to Rec Tree Climb ?

    I'm lucky and have a lot of trees in my backyard that I climb for recreational reasons and to practice different skills etc. But I've also gone to a nearby park with another climber and we've scaled to the top of a nice big oak there. We plan on going back to go up another good sized tree we...
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    Client claims bankruptcy

    Did you get a down payment on the job just curious? I scrolled through all the posts and didn't see it mentioned but if it was sorry. On more expensive jobs where you're dealing with a few thousand dollars a lot of contractors will tell you it's a good idea to get a down payment, and put in...
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    Coffee Coffee Coffee

    I don't drink coffee I drink tea.
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    Am I the only one who gets this scared?

    In that case I don't think using spikes would really do much damage to the tree if you know what you're doing. I'm not sure how safe I would feel on a ladder.
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    How cold is too cold?

    Comes down to personal preference I guess. Cold itself can be tolerable but if it get's real windy and you have a few feet of snow on the ground and it makes things not only miserable but hard to be productive. I've heard of some guys recently whose diesel equipment isn't running properly...
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    Home Advisor

    A lot of people nowadays turn to sites like HomeAdvisor. They can generate a lot of work. But some of there leads can be pretty expensive especially if you don't get the job.
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    I've also ran into dealing with contractors who tend to spin their wheels, say one thing then do another, and then try and jack up the prices.
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    Spur climbing storm damaged trees

    I agree with the consensus that if you can avoid using spikes on a tree you are not taking down you should. I learned to climb without spikes and try to use them only when removing trees. However there are situations I think where using spikes is appropriate when you are not taking the tree...
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    I was thinking more of a pickup truck and a hydraulic dump trailer. I've fit whole trees in a dump trailer when cut up properly so that would be more ideal without breaking the bank. But I would need to get a business loan I think.
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    My issue is I have no means of getting rid of brush. No truck or chipper. I'm a climber, and I have the capability to get a lot of work but I always have to hire someone to clean it up if cleanup is part of the job. I've ran into issues with subcontractors bailing, etc. which then makes me look...
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    Echo top handle saw

    Just heard about this model a few days ago. I'm currently running the 271t for my climbing saw with 12 in bar. Despite some of these lighter Echo's not having as much power as some of the bigger climber's, they certainly can get the job done, even on bigger pieces.
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    How fast did it take you to get your business off the ground?

    Good insight guys. Mangoes, your post says a lot. Success in business is about learning, making mistakes, and becoming better.
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    Scheduling work

    I've had the occasional customer who wants to be present when we are working. No matter how good you are or how good of a reputation you have there will always be those customers that have to eye ball everything. Or the customers that are never satisfied. Or the ones that tell you how to do your...