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    Zig zag or spiderjack 3 ?

    I just purchased a Zig Zag. I went with the older version because the 2019 looks a little bulkier, I prefer something a little smaller.
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    One is none, two is one and three is WON?

    Personally I just don't feel comfortable at a decent height being tied in with just a lanyard. Like when I was doing crane jobs and I'd be at the top and doing the transition between being tied into the crane to wrapping my line around the trunk as a back up / bail out, I couldn't get...
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    Post Pics of your Outdoor Tree Lights

    These are my two this year. First time going with the all blue lights. I think I spent around $106.00 and used probably around twenty or more sets. Forgot the actual total lol. Some might say it’s a lot of money to spend on lights but I enjoy doing it and my neighbor’s like it. I’ll see if I...
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    Johnny Pro

    Just act natural when you swing down into a busy city street from a crane boom guys. Nobody will notice anything!
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    Taking photos up in the tree

    I've thought about this too, more so videos then pictures. Do you follow any YouTube tree guys? Some of the footage they get is pretty badass between in tree footage, ground footage, and then drone footage. Combine it all together and you got a pretty cool video. Maybe watch some videos and you...
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    Work Photos

    Just some random shots from that job. Anyone else know that feel when you have a high tie in point and can move around the tree with ease?
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    Work Photos

    Busy day yesterday taking this tree down for my neighbor.
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    Getting comfortable in bigger trees?

    Not one of those with a pickup truck and 40 ft extension ladder who goes around advertising yourself as a tree guy? :LOL:
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    New climber questions

    I'm using Poison Ivy for my climbing line right now and love it. Works well with the hitch climber pulley.
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    Work Photos

    Nice photos guys. That's on my list at some point Rico is to get a dump trailer. Cheaper than a chipper but if you cut stuff up right you can fit a whole tree in there. I've done it before lol.
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    Getting comfortable in bigger trees?

    I agree the few times I went up in a lift / bucket felt awkward. The damn thing shaking with every move you make. I rather be tied into the tree! Popping a top on a 180 ft spar sounds impressive.
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    Getting comfortable in bigger trees?

    Funny you say that because for me the part that was most nerving doing crane work was riding the ball and not being surrounded by branches, etc. Just hanging there by the crane cable 70-80 ft in the air, but once I got within reaching distance of the tree my nerves calmed down. Similar with a...
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    Do you use a chainsaw breakaway lanyard?

    Do you guys use a breakaway lanyard for your saw? I never have but have thought about it. Seems like a good safety protocol. I do a lot of crane work and the inevitable is sometimes the saw gets pinched when taking a pick. I haven't given it much thought until Soundtree pointed it out in a...
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    Who has experience as a 'Lead Climber'?

    Only way to do it, lol.
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    Work Photos

    I've seen a tree guy on YouTube give his saws the same paint job. What paint do you use?