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    Arbortech chip truck marker lights

    Arbortech chip bodies have the 2.5” marker lights in the center top of the bed. They will break easy from the random rouge wood chip. (Really bad design for a truck that gets chipped into) After several years of replacing marker lights and driving a truck with busted lights I finally figured out...
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    Vermeer SC130 cutter teeth vs Toro's 3 tooth system

    quick google search found two on ebay:
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    Vermeer SC130 cutter teeth vs Toro's 3 tooth system

    i bought the toro replacement wheel. I had to also replace the bearings at the same time.
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    Vermeer SC130 cutter teeth vs Toro's 3 tooth system

    I replaced my toro sg13 original wheel to a 3 tooth green tooth wheel. Much better!
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    Remote controlled 72’ tracked lift

    Which machine is this? Do they still manufacture them the same way with the problems?
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    Crane slings

    Yes. We've got some endless slings with slick pin shackles.
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    Crane slings

    Chisholm slings FTW. Round slings for big wood.
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    Vermeer SC372 Operator presence system - nuisance!

    bump, we replaced our handles with the newer ones last year. The new design works well. Gloves don't affect the controls anymore and they have good operator presence sensors.
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    Large Thai tree

    Yes planting. Mistyped that. But the foresight in planning is impressive also.
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    Large Thai tree

    Very cool. I did not do a good job following up to @UncleDon. He nailed it on the tree ID. Very impressive trees there. Can you imagine them planing them way back when?
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    Vermeer 372

    I upgraded the controls to the new version offered by vermeer. Fixed the problem. Not a bypass. All operational functions and safety controls work as normal.
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    Mark Chisholm teaches Crane Class in Omaha August 24

    Class is now sold out. Thanks!
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    Mark Chisholm Crane Class Aug 24 Omaha, NE

    Class is sold out. Venue only held 70 comfortably. Thanks for everyone’s interest. Hopefully some other people from the buzz are attending. If so, come seek me out and say hi. -Dan