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Ropetek Hitch Hiker Recreational Tree Climbing Gear

A video showing the two rope walker systems I use with the RopeTek Hitch Hiker (Generation 1). 1. with a knee ascender and foot ascender 2. with a hand ascen...
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Outstanding video and narration. I watched the whole thing. (This video is 27:04 minutes long). Well worth the time spent.

I think credit for your tending pulley setup belongs to Dave from Montana, AKA @DSMc. He has posted photos of his setup in the past, but you might be the first person to post a video of the setup, and how well it tends slack.

If I recall correctly, Dave thinks that you should put your ISC slack tending pulley into a vice, and very slightly squeeze the side plates together, so that you can just slide it onto the bridge ring and have it stay on there without needing to hold onto it.

Again, great job with the running commentary. I also liked the fact that you took the time at the end to show a slow close-up of the different pieces of climbing gear you use, and how they are operated. That is a nice touch, for the benefit of new folks that don't yet own the gear, and might not know yet how it works.

Thanks for going to all of the time and trouble to shoot the video and to share what you know here on the TreeBuzz forum, and on YouTube, as well.

Thanks for the kind words @TimBr and providing some back story on the tending pulley and Hitch Hiker Combo. I did get the idea from @DSMc! I posted a link to the video on the tread below and tried to give DSMc the credit for the original idea. He also taught me the benefit of using the knee ascender with the Hitch Hiker due to how it tensions the rope from below. I'm working on a few other videos that share this video's format including RADS, Rope Wrench, and maybe a traitional DdRT (MRS) from a recreational tree climber's perspective.

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