Anchor Break Tests 2017

Anchor Configuration Break Tests With Sterling Rope

Tony, Nov 8, 2017
    • NE Tree
      I love these kinds of experiments Tony. Are you going to continue to test various canopy anchors? I would love to see a pinto cinched srs anchor tested as well as a pinto knot-blocked in a friction saver style srs anchor also. The reason I would like to see these is because I know they are 2 of the more popular and controversial srs anchors in the field today. Nice work here and I hope too see more vids like these in the future
    • Tony
      NE Tree. Thanks for the kind words. We will do some more, just don't know when. We have failed the Pinto in cinched configuration. The results were as you would expect. It is bad for the pinto! However, it breaks above limits generally where other hardware involved anchors do, where metal meets rope.
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    Nov 8, 2017
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