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  1. Webster
    roll with the punche$$!!
  2. CantGetAwayFromIt
    Vermeer 1500 vs 18000 How noticeable is the difference? Never considered the 1500 but theres literally like only 4 used 1800s in the US.
  3. Stihl my heart
    Stihl my heart
    “The strength of a person's spirit would then be measured by how much 'truth' he could tolerate"
  4. Jason fowler
    Jason fowler
    In Florida with bucket truck and climbing gear. Please message me with any jobs available.
  5. rope-a-dope
    the hook dominates another tree...really big Siberian elm over house that would have killed me before.
  6. (Sexy)Sexton
    Work Hard, Stay Humble
  7. Clogger
    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (Cloggernz) to know everything
  8. Clogger
    Several new products will be soon released on our website !
  9. surveyor
    Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV) Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
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  10. valerio banda
  11. Martin (Denmark)
    Martin (Denmark)
    Arborist located in Denmark
  12. Tree Doctors
    Tree Doctors
    Tree Doctors is Tampa's #1 tree service provider.
  13. chris walters
    chris walters
    currently looking for a job in the arborist world
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  14. TimBr
    TimBr Santiago Casanova
    I just love this tagline.
  15. Stick79
    I own and run K&S Tree Service. I love what I do and live for it everyday
  16. Timber87
    Exp climber Cert. Arborist. Looking for work in New Mexico
  17. Santiago Casanova
    Santiago Casanova
    I found that having hobbies like climbing and sailing hides my rope and splicing addiction under the camouflage of necessity.
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  18. Magnolia Liliiflora
    Magnolia Liliiflora
    looking for a thicc tree to be my daddy
  19. Magnolia Liliiflora
    Magnolia Liliiflora
    brb i'm going to go self harm now by refusing to photosynthesize and cutting my bark none of you understand my pain
  20. Magnolia Liliiflora
    Magnolia Liliiflora
    Shrub, small tree, whatever. I wish the other trees would stop bullying me because of my height.